20 mmHg Hosiery, 30 mmHg Compression Stockings, 15 20 mmHg Socks
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SIGVARIS enters into partnership with the Colts....
SIGVARIS is very pleased to announce that it will be providing Athletic Compression Socks to the Indianapolis Colts for the 2010-11and 2011-12 football seasons.

My husband LOVES these socks.  Gentle but adequate support, look like sport socks.  Healthy Leg Depot has great personal service and fast delivery.  You can't go wrong!!! 

on Product Silver Sole Socks for Sensitive Feet  
- Palm Desert, CA  

Best 20 mmHg Hosiery Store

Mild compression for very mild conditions.

As your certified Sigvaris dealer, Healthy Leg Depot makes it possible to purchase every style of compression stockings and socks available online, including 20mmHg hosiery, 30mmHg compression stockings, 15 20 mmHg socks, all designed for fit and functionality.

Regardless of what style of Sigvaris compression sock or stockings you need we sell a wide range of products that are designed to promote the highest quality compression treatment possible and offer the most recommended compression hosiery for post-surgical and standard treatment for a wide range of leg, ankle and vein conditions, including varicose veins, lymphedema, swelling due to pregnancy, spider veins, sensitive skin and more.

Here is a helpful description for each of the different styles of compressions socks and stockings we carry to help you decide which is best for you:

 ·         10mmHg compression stockings are stocking liners and may be used to assist with donning of any compression product.

·         The 15-20 mmHg socks are perfect long distance travel, heavy, fatigued, and tired legs, prophylaxis during pregnancy, prophylaxis for legs predisposed to risk, long hours of sitting or standing, mild varicose veins or spider veins, mild swelling, and prevention of all the above.

·         20-30 mmHg compression stockings are the lowest "medical" strength compression stockings offered and are best suited for heavy fatigued legs, tired legs, aching legs and ankles, mild varicose veins during pregnancy, mild varicosities with mild swelling (edema), minimal swelling in upper legs, post procedure care for small veins (ie: sclerotherapy). We also carry 20-30 mmHg compression socks.

·         30-40 mmHg compression stockings are the most firm compression hosiery that may be worn without specific instructions from a doctor: They are good for after deep vein thrombosis (DVT), moderate to severe varicose veins with mild edema during pregnancy, mild varicosities with moderate edema, post fracture or traumatic edema, post sclerotherapy or phlebectomy of larger veins, primary venous ulcer care, mild primary lymphedema (after decongestant therapy to maintain reduction), secondary lymphedema or moderate edema of the upper extremities, post thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

 ·         40-50 mmHg compression stockings are designed for treating severe varicose veins, severe swelling (edema), primary and reversible lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance, severe post traumatic and post fracture edema, recurrent venous ulceration, severe post thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

·         50-60 mmHg compression stockings offer the heaviest degree of compression therapy for primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance, and severe post thrombotic syndrome (PTS).


15 20, 30, 50 60 mmHg Compression Stockings & Socks & More

Clearly, when it comes to choice, Healthy Leg Depot has you covered, providing you with one of the easiest and affordable ways to purchase the best compression socks and stockings anywhere, including 20mmHg hosiery, 30mmHg compression stockings,15 20 mmHg socks and more.

Healthy Leg Depot is a certified Sigvaris Compression Stockings store. Among our main offerings are Thigh High Compression Stockings and Diabetes Socks for men and women.

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