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Acting US Surgeon General: DVT & PE Call to Action
Read the 2008 U.S. Surgeon General's Call to Action to increase awareness of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Finally a sock a man doesn't have to be afraid to wear. They don't even look like a medical product. They were hard to get on at first but I got used to them after like 3 times wearing them.

Jonas ******

on Product Cushion Cotton  
- Dover, DE  

Best Sigvaris Compression Stockings Store

Juzo Socks, Juzo Compression Garments, Juzo Silver

Since 1912, JUZO (Julius Zorn, Inc.) has been a forerunner and innovator in compression therapy. Mr. Zorn was a life-long back brace wearer, and was inhibited in many ways. This created his philosophy; that medical garments need not infringe on the wearer's lifestyle. To this day, Juzo aims to complement its founder's intentions.

Juzo compression stockings utilize the exclusive FiberSoft process to wrap and protect each elastic fiber, which serves to increase durability and regulate against over-stretching, while giving the ultimate in comfortable feel on the skin. The compression stocking's two-way stretch eases donning and allows for a breathable garment.

JUZO Product Lines:

Healthy Leg Depot is your best online source for Sigvaris compression stockings, Sigvaris support stockings and Sigvaris compression socks, truly the highest-quality brand of medical compression stockings and support hosiery you can buy anywhere.

Healthy Leg Depot is a certified Sigvaris compression stocking store, featuring Sigvaris thigh high stockings, elastic stockings, knee high stockings, support hose, Sigvaris socks for men and women, and more. What makes the Sigvaris support therapy knee stockings and compression hose so unique is the Sigvaris hosiery precise fitting system, a double-covered design process that offers superior fit and comfort. You simply cannot find a higher quality, better fitting brand of support stockings or compression socks.

Healthy Leg Depot offers a reliable and affordable option for purchasing all Sigvaris support therapy products. In addition to the finest Sigvaris compression stockings and Sigvaris compression socks we also offer for pregnant women with tired, swollen legs, and stockings for those with conditions including DVT, diabetes, varicose veins and other venous insufficiency leg conditions for which medical compression stockings are prescribed.

Worried about the look of the Sigvaris compression stockings or Sigvaris support socks? Don’t be. The good news is that these medical socks and medical stockings are now designed to make a fashion statement, yet they provide the best therapy possible. The Sigvaris support therapy socks and Sigvaris hosiery products are fashionable and functional, and they are among the highest recommended support therapy socks by doctors for post treatment procedures for vein procedures including sclerotherapy, Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), VNUS closure, and other treatments.


Sigvaris Support Hose, Gradient Compression Hosiery, Thigh High and Knee High Stockings & More

All of the Sigvaris products we offer are uniquely effective and considered by experts to be the best support compression stockings for increasing the success rates of vein and leg procedures and reduce the chance of required follow up treatments.

Let Healthy Leg Depot be your number one source for Sigvaris compression stockings, Sigvaris support stockings and Sigvaris compression socks, simply the best support therapy socks and hosier products on the market.

Healthy Leg Depot is a certified Sigvaris Compression Stockings store. Among our main offerings are Thigh High Compression Stockings and Diabetes Socks for men and women.

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