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Study concludes that workers who wore compression stockings report far less leg pain and discomfort than those who work on rubberized mats or those who do nothing to help themselves.

The new Sheer Fashion hose are much better than the old Delilahs. Aftter wearing delilah for 4 years, I was scared to hear that they were discontinued but the sheer fashion don't even feel like they are compression hosiery, but my legs feel great. Thanks for the recommendation.


on Product 120p  
- Henderson Mill, FL  

Product Details
Juzo Soft 2002AT, 30-40mmHg Opaque Pantyhose
Juzo Soft 2002 Compression Stockings
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Juzo Soft 2002 AT, 30-40mmHg Closed Toe Compression Hose

  • Very soft with high elasticity for comfort and easy donning
  • Inconspicuous when worn
  • 73% Polamide, 27% Lycra
  • Opaque style conceals varicose veins, spider veins, and leg blemishes
  • Comfortable compression hosiery for all day/night wear
  • Latex Free

For ease in cross referencing, the Juzo Soft 2002AT, 30-40mmHg Opaque Pantyhose is available in these configurations: 2002ATFF14 I, 2002ATFFSH14 I, 2002ATFF14 II, 2002ATFFSH14 II, 2002ATFF14 III, 2002ATFFSH14 III, 2002ATFF14 IV, 2002ATFFSH14 IV, 2002ATFF14 V, 2002ATFFSH14 V, 2002ATFF10 I, 2002ATFFSH10 I, 2002ATFF10 II, 2002ATFFSH10 II, 2002ATFF10 III, 2002ATFFSH10 III, 2002ATFF10 IV, 2002ATFFSH10 IV, 2002ATFF10 V, 2002ATFFSH10 V, 2002ATFF53 I, 2002ATFFSH53 I, 2002ATFF53 II, 2002ATFFSH53 II, 2002ATFF53 III, 2002ATFFSH53 III, 2002ATFF53 IV, 2002ATFFSH53 IV, 2002ATFF53 V, 2002ATFFSH53 V, 2002ATFF57 I, 2002ATFFSH57 I, 2002ATFF57 II, 2002ATFFSH57 II, 2002ATFF57 III, 2002ATFFSH57 III, 2002ATFF57 IV, 2002ATFFSH57 IV, 2002ATFF57 V, 2002ATFFSH57 V, 2002ATFF58 I, 2002ATFFSH58 I, 2002ATFF58 II, 2002ATFFSH58 II, 2002ATFF58 III, 2002ATFFSH58 III, 2002ATFF58 IV, 2002ATFFSH58 IV, 2002ATFF58 V, 2002ATFFSH58 V, 2002ATFF59 I, 2002ATFFSH59 I, 2002ATFF59 II, 2002ATFFSH59 II, 2002ATFF59 III, 2002ATFFSH59 III, 2002ATFF59 IV, 2002ATFFSH59 IV, 2002ATFF59 V, 2002ATFFSH59 V, 2002ATFF06 I, 2002ATFFSH06 I, 2002ATFF06 II, 2002ATFFSH06 II, 2002ATFF06 III, 2002ATFFSH06 III, 2002ATFF06 IV, 2002ATFFSH06 IV, 2002ATFF06 V and 2002ATFFSH06 V

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